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LIGHT up & educate your team


The options for discussion & wellness education are endless.

Have a chat to Jess.  Let her know where your team is at, the challenges your team faces, & the improvements you are after.  

Jess will customize a life enhancing talk to suit your teams specific needs.

Whether it is a team of 5 or 100, Jess will be able to leave you feeling empowered with practical ideas & tools to implement some small positive changes that will benefit yourself & your employees well beyond the workplace.  Happier & healthier employees will also contribute to a happier & healthier business.  Win win.  STOKED!

create a vibrant, postive & productive workplace

Jess spoke at our workplace team education event. I loved her talk & in particular Jess’s energy, attitude & outlook on life. She used lots of relatable analogies which made understanding the messages or information conveyed not only easy, but fun! Her recommendations were unbiased, easy going & realistic. I loved her handouts that are already proving to be very useful both for myself & my work with clients!
— Sandy, Banff Springs Fitness Team