the road to success is always under construction
— Lily Tomlin

COACHING programs


Achieve your big goals whilst you maintain your overall spirit & wellbeing!

Overcome "burn out" or address any specific physical or mental health issue!

Address niggly concerns & get set to live it up in your golden years!


THE goaL

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No matter who you are - a professional athlete, CEO, new graduate, or simply someone looking for more...
more purpose, more energy, more stoke, more health...
We can all benefit from having a coach.

Reveal, ignite & unleash the true you!



A holistic health assessment

  • Your nutrition, lifestyle & each body system will be assessed.

A customized PLAN OF ATTACK 

The Plan of Attack considers:

  • Desired stressors that you want to keep (e.g. the 2 cups of coffee a day or evening beer/wine you can't live without, 12hr work days or 20hr+ training weeks).

  • Unwanted stressors (e.g. toxins, anxiety, irritability, insomnia).

  • Identified health imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.

  • Positive Progressive Actions you can take to better manage all stressors in your life to bring about better physical & mental health.

The Plan is rolled out systematically to allow you to receive the biggest gains as soon as possible.

Personalized education

  • Jess provides a customized whiteboard education session that links your specific dietary & lifestyle behaviours to your current body system imbalances & the realization of your future goals. This directly shows you how the action you take (or do not take) will form your future. This session is a unique service, & incredibly empowering.

  • Learn 'why' each Positive Progressive Action will help you achieve your goals. This will help you stay motivated & committed to life long beneficial change.


  • Positive Progressive Actions

  • Easy Swaps

  • Recipes

  • Writing exercises

  • Better Choices Purchasing guides

  • Food supplier information (for those living in Canmore)

  • Other informative handouts about key nutritional concepts, foods or areas of specific interest (e.g. dairy, gluten, blood sugar management).

These give you with the information & tools you need to make implementing any change as simple & cost effective as possible.

Follow up

  • A clear & concise email that summarises key points follows up each session - this helps clarify what steps you need to take between sessions so you do not forget once you get home!

Additional support is provided as required.



Ultimate 1:1 coaching

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3 initial 1.5-2hr sessions $600 (all inclusive)

Ongoing support

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$100 per hour (all inclusive)

Personalised Yoga

Canmore locals receiving Ultimate 1:1 coaching get discounted personalized yoga sessions.

$60 for 1hr15 (valued at $80)

Bring up to 2 of your besties for free to share in the goodnes...that is, if you want to share.



set up an appointment

Get set to become independently stronger, more energised, more resilient & more you for life!  

Not just for a couple of months....

Meet in person or online via zoom

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Are we a good fit?

Before embarking on our be more awesome endeavour it is important that we are a good match, & that what I am actually offering is in line with what you are actually seeking.  Get in touch with Jess to arrange a free 15min phone consultation so we can both decide whether or not it would be beneficial for us to progress any further!


Why work with jess?

Being a big advocate for living each day like you might die in your sleep, Jess is passionate about never wasting a moment.  This value is instilled in her coaching session designs – Jess considers your time precious & always looks to maximize the gains to be had in the time available.  If you are serious about instigating change to be more awesome with the help of 1:1 coaching sessions, get in touch. Jess is someone you will want to have on your team!



  1. Experience more health, energy, productivity & stoke.

  2. Feel more confident in your decisions when making food & lifestyle choices.

  3. Address any health imbalances resulting from unsupported physical or mental stress, for example:

    • Tendency towards weight gain / difficulty losing weight

    • Poor digestion e.g. gas, bloating, abdominal pain, heart burn, IBS

    • Constipation

    • Diarrhea

    • Uncontrollable cravings

    • Blood sugar issues e.g. dysglycemia, pre diabetes

    • Joint pain or repeat inflammatory injuries

    • Mood swings or imbalances e.g. easily irritable, depression, anxiety

    • Brain fog, slowed thinking or difficulty concentrating

    • Fatigue

    • Cardiovascular issues e.g. elevated blood pressure, heart disease, recovery from bypass surgery

    • Gout

    • Headaches

    • Gallbladder issues e.g. gallbladder pain, or what to do after gallbladder removal

    • PMS e.g. headaches, cramps, moodiness, breast tenderness

    • Respiratory issues e.g. a persistent cough

    • Acne or other skin issues e.g. rashes

    • Recurring urinary tract infections or yeast infections

    • Nutrient deficiencies

  4. Accelerate recovery from training, surgery, injury, pregnancy, breastfeeding or other high stress period in your life.

  5. Reduce your risk of developing a degenerative disease.

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As you know good things take time. Patience is agony, but key. Given Jess' services are tailored to the individual requiring several hours of work outside of our face to face time, Jess asks clients to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions in advance. 

Each start up session takes about 1.5-2hrs. Seems long but they fly by as being holistic there is lots to cover & Jess is not your average nutrition practitioner - she likes to ensure that you understand the 'why' to her recommendations, & that the recommendations will actually fit into your busy lifestyle.

We are after the implementation of long lasting positive dietary & lifestyle changes, so that you can be more awesome with better physical & mental health forever, not just for a couple of months. We progress as much as possible during the first 3 initial start up sessions, however given there are about 64,329 things we can do to improve our awesomeness it is impossible to cover it all. 

Should you choose to continue, subsequent sessions are available. Depending on your needs they could be anywhere from 30mins to 3hrs in length, be anywhere from 1 week to several months apart, & involve anything from coaching, nutrition follow-up, cooking lessons, pantry set up, supermarket tours, or some kind of combination of these.  Discounted Personalised Yoga Sessions are also available as an added value bonus for those receiving 1:1 coaching - see more info on this here.

During our first session we go over the nutritional, body system & lifestyle assessment forms, discussing any areas that require more clarification. We identify any restraints, preferences & other factors that will enable Jess to design a realistic personalised plan tailored to your unique biochemical make up, health imbalances, goals & lifestyle. This is an important session that lays down the groundwork for all future interactions. 

During our next session, Jess provides you with a fun interactive personalized educational whiteboard session that links likely dietary & lifestyle actions to your current body system imbalances & desired health outcomes. Jess provides a seriously unique & high quality service that is purposefully designed to promote long term next level success. We discuss Jess' recommended “Plan of Attack” for going forward, & then proceed to break up what resonates with you into several achievable positive progressive actions that you can instigate between sessions.  Last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed with trying to incorporate too many changes at once. Again good things take time. 

With any time remaining & any future sessions we go about systematically unleashing this Plan of Attack, celebrating progress, & making any adjustments to the plan when needed as new or unforeseen obstacles or goals arise.

Jess' take away materials are highly informative & super easy to use. Jess works hard to make implementing change as simple as humanly possible.

We work together to make you stronger, more energized, more resilient & more you! Jess wants nothing more than to empower you so that you can be independently & sustainably more awesome for life, not just a couple of months.




Being holistic its great as we consider the big picture – we aim to increase nourishment not only from our food choices, but also from within our lifestyle choices & a stronger headspace. 

Jess specialty focus is performance & stress management where we look to become smarter around which stressors we welcome into our life so we can sustainably be more awesome.

Stress we want to keep, we keep (e.g. our drive in our career or sporting goals, our coffee or late night dancing habit),... but together we see if we can increase actions in other areas to help cushion these activities so we can ensure our bodies are still well supported. 

We identify measures that either reduce or eliminate other unwanted stressors that are holding you back from being your true self (e.g. toxins in our food, anxious thoughts, digestive upsets, joint pain, body system imbalances, mood imbalance). 

We accept & celebrate stress as a sign that we are out of our comfort zone tracking towards great & wonderful things. However we work towards implementing small positive changes so we can make sure our stress is more acute, less harmful, & less chronic.

Being holistic is great, however it also means that in order for the coaching sessions to be effective it is going to involve your active participation.

Jess' role is to educate, guide & support you through the implementation of the beneficial positive progressive actions.  But when it comes down to it, it is you (& your support team) that make it happen.

It 100% takes work but Jess strongly believes that her recommended changes will have a positive impact on improving your health, wellbeing & overall stoke should they be implemented.

Yes work is required, however Jess experience & hard work makes your journey towards being more awesome, as efficient & cost-effective as humanly possible. She goes the extra mile to provide you with information & tools that are thorough, open minded, simple to understand & easy to act on.

And not to worry, although working with Jess can be very powerful & life changing, its all about progress not perfection...many laughs & celebratory high fives are expected along the journey to awesomeness.