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Will the real you please stand up?

If you've been caught up in the busyness of life, you know how you can drift from your authentic self.  When was the last time you took stock of your life, overall health & happiness?

Get Real is about living a more fulfilled & you-inspired life in a realistic way.  Because let's face it, implementing drastic measures like walking off the job or kicking coffee or your social drinks with friends cold turkey probably isn't sustainable (or fun) over the long term.

This group program goes deep into re-igniting the collective power of your body, mind & spirit. One round at a time. We'll work together to shed the unnecessary influences that don't feel true to you, & focus on what needs to stay or be introduced to bring out your inner awesome.

We will utilize the power from real food & real life choices to bring about the real you.






engage in

  • some real-talk on the body, food & life

  • real food cooking demonstrations

  • a realistic course to increased energy, confidence & overall health so you can become the best version of yourself. Really.



  • about a new life enhancing topic each month -> topics are rolled out in a way that will allow you to incrementally build on your foundation from which the real you can launch off!

  • how to make nutrient dense snacks, drinks & meals that target different physical & mental health outcomes

  • a holistic approach to unleashing the real you & enjoying life



  • empowerment to determine your own unique course of action

  • more confidence in your decisions around your food & lifestyle choices

  • more health, energy, productivity & stoke

  • an increased ability to be the real you

  • real meaningful long term success


  • top notch education & tools to make implementing any change as simple & cost effective as possible - such as:

    • Positive Progressive Actions

    • Recipes

    • Easy Swaps = better choice purchasing guides

    • Food supplier informaiton

    • Other informative handouts about key nutritional concepts, foods or areas of specific interest (e.g. stress management).

    • Writing exercises


drink & eat

  • snacks & meals prepared during the workshop

  • high quality local & organic whole foods


relax & connect

  • each session we will engage in a meditation practice so you can:

    • strengthen your inner awareness

    • unite your body, mind & spirit

    • drop into a more relaxed absorbing state to make the most of the workshop

  • the small intimate group setting will allow you to connect with others also embarking on the get real mission, providing a sharing & supportive environment conducive to your ongoing success.


…progress at a rate that is sustainable for life

… not just a few months!



once per month IN CANMORE

Saturdays 8am - 2.30pm

IN SMALL intimate group SETTING


DATES for 2020 coming soon


Get Set

  • January

  • February

  • March

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$750pp | $900pp

Go Go Go

  • May

  • June

  • July

  • August

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$1,100pp | $1,200pp

Into the Flow

  • September

  • October

  • November

  • December

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$1,100pp | $1,200pp

Fees are tax inclusive & payment plans are available.

Each Round is beneficial in its own right so you will still gain benefit from just doing ROUND ONE.

But it’s kind of like a computer game - the more rounds you do the further you will progress.




ROUND 1 - Get Set

  • Stoke your digestion to stoke your life

    • Why invest time & money in preparing a salad if your body cannot even fully utilize it?

    • Learn why you would want to have a more robust digestive function, & the steps you can take to make it your reality.

    • Improve your ability to digest, absorb & assimilate the nutrients that you eat.

    • Experience less fatigue, symptoms of indigestion, & widespread silent inflammation within your body.

    • We will explore snacks, meals & drinks that can help restore your digestive function to one that roars!

  • Steady yourself & enjoy more sweetness in your life

    • Take action to better manage your blood sugar levels.

    • Reduce your tendency towards weight gain, cravings & a stressed internal state.

    • Experience a more stable mood & more consistent energy & productivity throughout your day. Improve your ability to behave & think like your true self.

    • Learn about better stimulants & sweeteners + when & how to use them.

    • We will explore better breakfast & snack ideas to set you up for success.

  • Let go of what no longer serves you & elevate to a new baseline self

    • Learn about what team members you have available within you -> your elimination organs!

    • Learn how you can better tap into utilizing your organs collective support to experience more energy, & better health.

    • We will explore lifestyle choices, foods & drinks that will help you clear out what is bogging your ability to be your best self down.


ROUND 2 - Go Go Go

  • Why invest in quality & wheres the best place to start?

    • Make sure its organic! Or should you? Learn about what the hype is about & why you should fork out for better quality foods, drinks & other common household items. We will look at the big picture & then knuckle down on the best places for us to start.

  • Oh Dairy Me.

    • Learn about why you would bother investing in good quality dairy, & why you might even consider dairy free alternatives… In this session we will make milks, cheeses, cream & ice cream. Mmmmmm.

  • Gluten & soaking.

    • Whats the deal with gluten? Am I sensitive? Should I eat it or avoid it? And why would I bother soaking or sprouting certain grains, nuts or seeds before I eat them? We will also explore nutrient dense ‘fillers’ such as rice, breads & other staples.

  • Fats & animal products

    • Why would I increase my care around what fats, oils & meat choices I make? And whats the best way to do it? We will explore sauces, dressings & healthy meat alternatives… Both meat eaters & vegans will benefit from this workshop.


ROUND 3 - Into the Flow

More details coming soon!

  • The Fall Mini Doable Detox

  • The immunity security blanket

  • Embrace & cushion your stress.

  • Treat yourself





Watching Jess cook gave me the confidence & motivation to try the recipes at home. The information & handouts were very useful & I loved how we were given lots of recipe options that each had lots of variations. It was awesome!
Jess’ energy & jokes kept serious info light. I feel the discussion & handouts really drive home the importance of eating balanced meals & have walked away with lots of practical advice. My cells & body tissues are so happy that I attended this workshop as they will be much better off!
I loved seeing how easy & fast it was to make the recipes, & getting to taste test all the different flavours & variations. Previously I would have found the recipes intimidating. Now I will make them & make them part of my regular routine!
This workshop greatly exceeded my expectations!