What a truly inspirational person and presenter Jess is! Jess relates well to all, her message appealing to a wide-range of ages & interests...sharing real life stories backed up with powerful, empowering messages. Jess would be one of the most engaging speakers I have heard in all my years teaching.
— Celeste Hastings, Principal Holy Cross School
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Create a memorable experience at your next event.  

Have Jess share her knowledge, experiences & energy to entertain & deliver a key message that leaves your guests inspired & motivated.

Jess is exceptionally good at relating her experiences to her audiences interests, and has a compelling ability to keep listeners engaged from start to finish. Jess leaves her audience feeling inspired.  

Available to talk at corporate events


To date Jess has presented on: 

  • How self belief is unnecessary in the pursuit of awesomeness

  • The secret power of kindness

  • The importance of unrealistic wild goal setting

  • Trust makes for powerful team work

  • Mental tricks for continuing to push hard in endurance sport even when the body screams stops

  • How you truly can do anything you put your mind to

The topic possibilities are endless.  

Please get in touch to discuss.  

Jess spoke from the heart for nearly an hour and had her audience totally enthralled. Her story is captivating, emotional and inspirational. Her delivery is excellent. She is honest and without ego or exaggeration. Her achievements in the multi-sport world-wide arena are jaw dropping and simply amazing. Aside from being inspired by her message, we thoroughly enjoyed her sense of fun and her delivery.
— Larry Lumsden - Managing Director, World Travellers Christchurch & Wanaka NZ
Jess was chosen for the 2017 Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s Graduating Class Valedictorian. Jess gave an amazing speech that, not only resonated with her classmates, but included the fundamental principles of the holistic nutrition industry. Jess has a incredible speaking ability to motivate and inspire an audience.
— Stacey Bishop C.H.N.P, CSNN Calgary Branch Manager
Jess presented a fantastic talk to 55 of our 13-16yr old netballers about her impressive sporting achievements and the importance of goal setting. Despite the differences between netball, multisport and adventure racing, Jess found a way to link the underlying characteristics of what makes a successful athlete. We were incredibly impressed with Jess’s commitment to being a role model in her community and feel privileged that we had the opportunity to share in her amazing experiences as an elite athlete.
— Brooke Morshuis, Netball South NZ