Diet is the largest contributor to the body’s biochemical balance or homeostasis.
— Carolee Bateson-Koch, DC ND

your cells need your support

Take a moment to think about your cells (of which you have about 70 trillion) & all of the body tissues they make up (e.g. your organs, muscles, bones, eye lens).  At any point in time our body is buzzing with cellular activity.  What is fueling our cells ability to function, fight, repair, grow & duplicate?  Whatever it is we eat.  Literally whatever it is we put into our mouth becomes the base material for what gets converted into all of our cells & body tissues, & the base material for the fuel that all cellular functions operate off of.  Our base materials come from nowhere else.  This means we are all part apple, part cake, part pumpkin, part granola bar….  We literally select & eat what we will become made out of.  Kind of neat.  Would you rather be made from food that is nutrient poor, contaminated & dead, or from food that is nutrient rich, vibrant & living? 

Taking action to improve your nutrition can be ridiculously powerful at improving the quality of your life.


focus is on delicious & nutritious

At STOKED LIFE there is a strong focus on aggressively seeking out creative ways in which you can fill up on quality nutrient dense foods as realistically & frequently possible.  This is because in our modern stress laden societies our bodies are suffering from nutrient depletion at an accelerated rate.  Ensuring you have a strong digestive function is also a critical priority as what good is taking the time to prepare & eat a nutrient rich meal if your body cannot actually break it down & absorb it!  We want to increase your exposure to nutrients & your body's ability to utilize them.

No matter what your goals or health imbalances are, Jess is not into imposing any strict restrictions, always opting for more of a 'nutrient seeker' 80:20 approach versus any formal diet (e.g. vegan, paleo, vegetarian, ketogenic).  Splurging (whether it be on booze or food) is expected & accepted as a critical part of well-rounded living.  We simply identify ways in which you can make your every day food & lifestyle choices more health enhancing so you can be stronger & more resilient.  Ultimately more awesome. 

Ensuring that what you eat is legitimately tasty & satisfying is of equal priority for STOKED LIFE.  Food is something that should not only just be enjoyed, it should be immensely loved!  And although cooking can be enjoyable... lets be honest... who has time for that?  All STOKED LIFE recipes not only taste great, they are fast & easy to implement. Read about Jess view on Kitchen Life = Strife!

The goal is to thrive, not just survive.  Its all about making positive progressive actions towards slowly building your body's resilience & ability to be more awesome.  We are after progress, not perfection.  Sound like something your interested in?  Given our dietary choices are such a vital contributor to helping us be more awesome, it is always a component of STOKED LIFE's coaching programs, workshops & workplace talks.  Check them out!

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