“you can live a completely frantic, out of control, stress-filled life & enjoy every minute of it while also enhancing your health & performance through targeted stress management, exercise, nutrition & supplementation”
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on fire


You're hard wired to push your physical & mental training to the limit.  For you, success begins at the end of your comfort zone & you venture there frequently.  It's where the magic happens, but without balance, that scale can easily tip towards burn out.

This program activates solid science-backed nutrition & recovery strategies to effectively minimize the mental, emotional & physical toll that performing at a top level takes.

As a former world class competitor, Jess knows the physical & mental health tight rope that gets walked on the journey towards the top. She not only wants to help you get there, she wants to help you stay there.

Combined with your focus & dedication, this program will help you unleash consistent top performances… all whilst not compromising your general stoke & wellbeing for other activities in life. STOKED.

You know what you are capable of, now let's set you on fire!

In a very short time Jess taught me the importance of looking after myself, the importance of eating healthy food, & the importance of recovery.

My physical performance in training has become a lot better as a result because Jess showed me how to fuel myself properly & how to effectively maintain my busy work, training & recovery life. The difference was surprising as I had already been competing at many high level races & eating a whole foods diet for years.

I was literally blown away with her guidance on how to deal with my mental headspace for race prep. It was & still is awesome.

Yahoooo thank you Jess for your support!
— Simone, Wanaka [World Multi-sport Champion + ironman & adventure racing athlete]