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But still want to…

  1. Learn about how you can be more awesome with better digestion, elimination, nutritional support & lifestyle habits?  

  2. Clear up the confusion around the effects of different food groups (gluten, sugar, dairy etc) so you can make better choices with confidence?


Lets do it!



Gather your buddies or family members & meet at a time that suits you.

A great way to connect with those you love where you can support each other to go after the changes you each seek.



Join the pre-existing Go Far From Afar Online Group action!


10 - 11.30am NZDT | 8 - 9.30am AEDT

$50pp per session


ROUND 1 - Get Set

  • 19 January - digestion

  • 23 February - blood sugar

  • 16 March - elimination

Round 2 - Go Go Go

  • 18 May - importance of quality & best places to start

  • 15 June - gluten

  • 6 July - soaking

  • 10 August - dairy

  • 14 September - sugar

  • 12 October - fats & oils + meat

Round 3 - Into the Flow

  • 9 November - cushion your stress

  • 7 December - treat your self

Myself, my three adult children & their respective partners meet with Jess every month despite us all living in various places across the world. I really look forward to these sessions as not only do I love the information Jess provides, but they provide a great reason for my family to regularly catch up together & offer support for each other. The pearls of information Jess has given us have made a real difference in my overall energy levels & passion to take better care of myself & family. Thank you Jess - you are such an inspiration and joy to learn from.
— Judith, Sydney Australia