Qigong helps us relax, be calm and cruise through life with a more peaceful mind.  

"Qi" is defined as the 'vital energy of the universe'.  Qi exists inside everyone & inside everything thing.  Qi is everywhere.  

"Gong" is defined as 'skilled mastery'.  

Therefore "Qigong" can be defined as a practice that instills the skilled mastery of the universes' vital energy.  

Pretty.  Darn.  Cool. 

Qigong allows me to get in ‘the zone’ without having to have an extremely exciting or stressful stimulus.
— Jess

Qigong is based of Chinese Medicine Theories, & involves gentle repetitive movement exercises that ignite and stimulate Qi within our bodies.  Qigong exercises provide enormous physical & mental health benefits such as:

  • Improved balance.
  • Improved muscle tone, blood circulation & suppleness within our joints.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Increased understanding & sensitivity towards ones physical body.
  • Increased connection to ones surroundings, including the environment & other people.
  • Increased Jing - which is responsible for our vitality & durability, aka. our liveliness, willingness to jump out of bed & ability to endure.  "Jing" is stored in the kidneys and is defined as our body's "essence energy".  Our Jing is predetermined at birth and is continuously consumed throughout life - the amount, quality and strength of Jing available to us determines our health and longevity.  Eating good quality wholesome nutritious food and breathing in fresh clean air can help slow down the rate at which we tap into our Jing energy supplies.  Jing can be increased via Qigong, meditation and Taiqi practices.

Qigong helps us live a longer better quality life
with higher levels of health & stoke. 

Boom.  Its that good.