Restorative Yoga is SUPER CHILL.  It is all about using props to support the body in poses so that there is zero muscular effort, stretch or pressure point sensations.  The prop use can seem excessive however props enable us to hold poses pain free for long periods of time.  This allows super deep relaxation (like super super deep) for our body & mind.  We get into a calm Parasympathetic Nervous System state which ignites our bodies ability for self-healing.  Some say it feels like it brings back hours of missed sleep in just one session!  Hello shift workers or new mums!  Jess sort of stumbled across this practice & is officially stoked she did as she has found it to be super powerful, which from someone who likes to move a lot has been extremely surprising!

Restorative Yoga:

  • Increases flexibility purely from release of muscle tension - particularly held within our stabilizing muscles.
  • Creates a positive place in the present to encourage presence in the moment.
  • Provides deep mental & visceral relaxation - allowing us to experience deep emotions from a calm mindset.

Restorative Yoga is an extremely relaxing yet a tremendously invigorating practice that is accessible and beneficial to all!  Superb.