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The AmPING revamp

You've put in a lifetime of work & now you're finally ready to reap the rewards - but some things aren't running the way they once did.  With lifespans now longer than ever those golden years should be yours for the taking; reaching an older age no longer means turning down the volume, but amping up the enjoyment of a fruitful & active life.

Enter the revamp.  We'll tackle "age-related" ailments such as reduced energy, aches & pains, memory loss, & other annoying issues head on - implementing nutritional support & lifestyle changes that will boost your energy, support your mobility along with your overall health for the very long term.

This program is about setting you up to experience all the adventure, learning & laughter that you deserve out of life - at every stage.

Ready to get amped?

The lifestyle & food choices Jess has introduced me to are fantastic! What a difference they are making to myself & my husband! Given Jess’ easy going yet very motivating & informative nature, changing up some of my habitual routines has not only felt empowering but fun!
— Vicki, Wanaka