I have never met someone so passionate about FOOD! Nutritious food at that. Jess practices what she preaches and that’s a fact. I always leave each session feeling ENERGIZED and MOTIVATED. She never ever makes me feel as if I have failed rather she restores her FAITH in me at each visit. She keeps me on track checking in with me regularly. I truly feel Jess is very versatile and can meet you wherever your at in your journey towards a HEALTHIER you!
— Jocelyn, Canmore
I really like Jess’ “holistic” approach. In a very short time Jess taught me the importance of looking after myself, the importance of eating healthy food, & the importance of recovery. Since I started working with Jess, my physical performance in training has become a lot better because Jess showed me how to fuel myself properly & efficiently to maintain my busy work, training & recovery life. I was literally blown away when I started to work with Jess. Her help & guidance on how to deal with my mental headspace for race prep was & still is awesome. The best experience I had was training for & racing to win the Red Bull Defiance in Wanaka. That was one of my best races of my life & loved having had Jess’ support along the way. Overall I feel more balanced & relaxed in my life. It is great having someone to communicate with about stuff that bothers me, both within & outside of my training or racing. I value Jess support as something special. My relationship with my partner has also become better as a result of all these improvements! Yahoooo thank you Jess for your support!
— Simone, Wanaka NZ
Jess’ holistic approach & practical advice played a huge part in my post brain surgery recovery, and having health & energy throughout my pregnancy that followed. The recipes Jess provided were always really delicious, nutrient dense, quick & easy to follow. I found all of Jess’ advice to be super thorough, helpful & even empowering, without ever leaving me feeling overwhelmed. I feel lucky to have been able to work with Jess.
— Rebekah, Wellington
I found working directly with Jess perfect for my needs to recharge and slow down. I feel substantially more mindful and empowered since starting to practice yoga with her. It is more than just inspiring, as it is a place for anyone at any level with lots of personal support. It has shown me a whole other side to taking care of myself and working to achieve whole life balance. Jess is a very bright star in the yoga world.

A yoga session with Jess is like crushing the best 12 hours of sleep! As a business owner and avid adventurer it can be tough to turn off my busy mind. After a session with Jess I feel more balanced and relaxed, ready to attack my daily list’s. Jess’ background in athletics make her aware of aches and pains you may find yourself with. Jess has a great understanding for anatomy and understands that everyone moves differently. I have never been forced into a pose, in fact I feel so supported that it’s luxurious. As a beginner to yoga I appreciate Jess’ unique teaching style where a giggle or a smile is always encouraged! Thanks for keeping my muscles and heart happy!
— Jodi, Canmore

Jess has the unique ability to transform ‘practice’ into a playful experience of self discovery. Whether it be yoga, qigong or nutrition her lighthearted nature & unassuming wisdom gives your heart permission to relax & enjoy the ride. Jess is an expert at guiding you to those peaceful spaces within yourself, allowing for a deeper, more meaningful connection to your practice. You know when you’re in the presence of a free soul because you tend to feel good about who you are & are more inclined to accept every part of yourself. Thank you Jess for sharing your light with the world & showing others how to do the same.
— Sarah, Calgary

I was fortunate enough to have a one on one restorative yoga session with Jess. I was finding the adjustment into motherhood tiring and my life was a bit out of balance. I walked away from the session truly feeling repaired. I had Achilles tendinitis that felt some relief and my mind felt like it was grounded again. Jess has this beautiful energy that I think aids this restorative practice. When you need an hour to give back to yourself and really wind down - try this, it’s worth it!
— Kristin, Canmore

Jess has an unrelenting positive attitude and self belief, that she projects both in herself & to those around her. When Jess retired from competing as one of the best women multisport & endurance athletes in the world, there obviously needed to be another avenue for her to commit & channel all her positive energy into. I was lucky enough to experience a taste of it firsthand by attending one of her “ Old Boys Yin Yoga“ classes. We had a varied class as far as age, fitness and experience attending, but Jess was able to individualise the exercises expertly to suit. Her explanations for each exercise and it’s effect were excellent. Although at times it was intensely tough for someone with muscles like hardened chewing gum, Jess managed to keep it enjoyable with her mix of humour, relaxation and stories. I walked out of her class feeling energised both physically and mentally, but probably even more liberated by seeing that Jess had found a new niche and incredibly positive direction for her to channel her wonderful attitude to life. Jess is magnetic and passes on so much energy and goodness simply by just being in her company. If you choose to work with Jess there is no doubt you would be a far better person for it.
— Brett, Wanaka

I have been to a range of Jess Simson’s yoga classes and they are first class. What I like about them is that they are unique. Jess really moves your mind away from all of your inner thoughts that are not needed and often provides a very inspirational message for you to take away with you. The physical side of Jess’s classes are very beneficial, especially for those that are either active and struggle to find the time to stretch, or those that have a job which involves a lot of sitting, or a combination of both! Overall I would highly recommend Jess and her classes both for physical and mental benefit. You definitely walk away feeling rejuvenated.
— Francine, Wanaka

I’m picky about my yoga practice. There’s got to be a fine balance between meditation, core strengthening, stretching, and of course FUN! Jess manages to incorporate all of these elements into her practice and pays special attention to each student. Her practice is guided by great intention and beautiful movements, and she always has a smile on her face which sets the tone for a fun practice. I think it’s important to keep yoga light and fun and not too serious. Jess certainly does that while still providing a fully beneficial class no matter what your practice level might be. Non competitive yoga at it’s absolute finest. (Not to mention she has been known to play Madonna during the Shavasana)
— Kristi, Wanaka

Jess Simson offered a magnificent 8 week Qigong and Yin Yoga class to our Dance for Joy Studio Banff participants. Her class was a lovely compliment to our regular schedule. Jess is super positive and easy going which makes people feel comfortable right away. She was committed to providing informative, knowledgable and unique information. Everyone appreciated her teaching style, command of the subject, and gentle demeanour. Participants kept coming back and often said they slept better the nights they had classes. Thank you Jess for bringing your awesomeness to our space.
— Kim, Banff