doozy, is defined as something outstanding or unique of its kind.

Consuming alcohol (& the things that usually come along with it) can definitely take a toll on the body.  But this does not mean it cannot be enjoyed as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle.  

This fun, intimate & interactive workshop focuses on empowering you with the information & resources you need to keep doing what it is you love doing i.e. drinking, whilst not compromising your ability to lead a healthy & resilient life.  

An awesome event that will set you up to
enjoy both the night out & the next day.  STOKED!

You will also learn how to make lots of impressive cocktails & garnishes to be enjoyed at home with friends & family.  


Its a workshop with benefits that keep on giving!


You must be over 18 years old to attend!


Dietary concerns?

No problem. Please email me to let me know of any dietary restrictions, allergies or food sensitivities you may have. Thanks.

don't be silly

Set yourself up for drinking success.  Get your friends, family & workmates together for a night of learning & fun!

drink & eat

  • cocktails & snacks that are designed specifically to better support your body's ability to cope with alcohol consumption

  • award winning Wild Life Distillery Spirits + Toniq juices & other high quality local organic ingredients.


  • how to make good looking & delicious cocktails & garnishes

  • the effects of alcohol consumption on the body - the good & the gloomy

  • a holistic approach to enjoying the party & the next day - think food, drink & lifestyle… for before, during & after your night out


  • recipes for the cocktails & snacks provided during the workshop

  • tips for purchasing beer, wine, spirits & mixers

  • smoothie & brunch recipes that replenish the body after a night out

  • alcohol alternative drink ideas

  • other resources that will help support your bodys ability to cope with or recover from alcohol consumption

STL011 Workshop Collateral Facebook Header.jpg
Traditional alcohol mixology needs to be overhauled & Jess is its new inventor!
— Peter, Canmore
Jess’ knowledge & passion about the body & choices you can make seems so intrinsic. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from her. It was a great night that I will continue to enjoy for some time with Jess’ excellent take home resources!
— Suzie, Canmore
This was an amazing event! The best staff party ever!
— Jodi, Canmore