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Whether it's a recurring injury or illness you just can't shake, OR help with moving unwelcome visitors like depression & anxiety on their way; TOASTED is the program to get your health back on track.

This program takes a holistic approach that will empower you with the tools & knowledge you need to reignite your bodies extraordinary self-healing abilities.

Leave the toast for breakfast & take back the stoke in your life.

Jess’ holistic approach & practical advice played a huge part in my post brain surgery recovery, and having health & energy throughout my pregnancy that followed. The recipes Jess provided were always really delicious, nutrient dense, quick & easy to follow. I found all of Jess’ advice to be super thorough, helpful & even empowering, without ever leaving me feeling overwhelmed. I feel lucky to have been able to work with Jess.
— Rebekah, Wellington