Yoga & meditation provides dedicated time for reflection & chilling out. Uplifting & energy boosting, these practices should not be considered a luxury indulgent. Instead fantastic practices to be prioritized within in your busy life so you can be more awesome!
— Jess

personalized Yoga & MEDITATION


Want to get into the guts of it?  Lets do it! 

Jess had no intention of teaching personalized one on one yoga & meditation sessions (weird right?)…. until she tried it! 

Continuously impressed by their power, if you want to be more awesome by simply relaxing this is 100% the fastest way to get there.

Its kind of like having a personal trainer at the gym.  A one on one session brings about greater gains & focus in a shorter amount of time as the practice is specific to your needs.  You can still get gains going to a group class or just practicing on your own.  But if your short for time, & you are looking to maximize your on the go lifestyle with extreme relaxation, then this could be a good option for you.  

Never done yoga or meditated before?  Feel stiff, old & rickety, or have muscles that are as tight as winch cables?  Does your mind race like there is no tomorrow? No problem.  Having a one on one session is a great way to set you up for more success no matter whether you are looking to develop your own practice at home or go deeper in a group class. 



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$70 per hr (+ $10 per additional person)

Canmore locals receiving 1:1 Nutrition Coaching are charged a discounted rate of $50 per hr.


WEDNESDAY 7 - 8.15 PM - Yin Yoga

THURSDAY 9.30 - 10.30 AM - Yin Yang Yoga

Wild Heart Barre & Yoga Studio 


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Great for all ages & ALL abilities! 


Why practice with Jess? 

Jess has been practicing yoga for 10 years.  As Jess has delved deeper into her yoga practice, teaching & studies, she has organically channeled her services into areas that she considers will be the most beneficial for others looking to be more awesome!  

In this quest she has landed on teaching Qigong, Yin & Restorative Yogas + grounding breath & gentle movement meditation practices.

Each of these disciplines are:

  • absolutely OOOOOZING with gifts to the body, mind & spirit

  • a perfect complement for active & busy lifestyles.

Endeavouring to help increase body & mind self awareness, Jess guides students towards:

  • achieving a certain function within the different yoga exercises & poses, not a certain look -> she considers ones flexibility irrelevant to the depths in which they can gain within yoga.

  • stronger mental & physical digestion + detoxification to help you assimilate what serves you & eliminate what does not.

Being a big advocate for living each day like you might die in your sleep, Jess is passionate about never wasting a moment. 

This value is instilled in her session designs – where she looks to maximize gains in the time available - executing what she believes to be the most advantageous practices, exercises or poses based off your needs on the day.

Jess considers your time precious so if you are looking to fully reap the rewards on offer from taking time out to replenish your body & mind, get in touch & lets get this be more awesome snowball rolling!

I found working directly with Jess perfect for my needs to recharge and slow down. I feel substantially more mindful and empowered since starting to practice yoga with her. It is more than just inspiring, as it is a place for anyone at any level with lots of personal support. It has shown me a whole other side to taking care of myself and working to achieve whole life balance. Jess is a very bright star in the yoga world.
— Tannis, Canmore


  1. Activate your body's powerful self-healing ability.

  2. Thrive versus survive in life.

  3. Complement other medical treatments.

  4. Reduce your risk of illness.

  5. Be more resilient & able to cope with stress.

  6. Find clarity on your true purpose & the confidence to pursue it.

In many instances, when we are tired it may be more beneficial for our health to stop, relax & rejuvenate versus continue to push ourselves & head out on yet another run or onto accomplishing another item on our to do list.

Through Yoga & Meditation we increase our ability to listen to & respect our bodies - this allows us to better provide our bodies with what it needs, when it needs it - which means despite taking more time for rest we will be able to perform at higher levels for longer. Stoked!
— Jess

get takeaways

need to kick butt?

Get set up to practice alone at home with 'takeaways'.  

  • receive prop & space recommendations

  • learn key yoga poses, simple qigong exercises or other resonating meditation practices that are most beneficial to your needs & goals.

Make the most out of your at home independent practice.

Be empowered to convert feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety or deep fatigue into those of calm, peace, connection & relaxation.


Takeaways are not only great for home - they can also be practiced on a short break at work which will reward you with increased productivity & a better mood.  People will want to be you.

Jess could help by teaching you a few key visualization techniques, qigong or breathing exercises that can help you get your head in the game, FAST...

If you have something requiring a strong performance (perhaps you need to give a vibrant presentation or lay the smack down at a high profile sporting event) you will be more able to rock it!  




the YOGA process


Prior to your first visit a questionnaire is completed so that Jess can design a session that can best support your current physical & mental ailments based off mainstream physiology, yoga & meditation studies & alternative theories from Chinese Medicine.  

Anything "airy fairy" will only be implemented for the purpose of science proven health or performance advancement.  Feeling calm, connected & more clarity after each session is just a bonus.  

Come once, weekly or monthly.  Each time you will learn a little bit more on how all this yoga & meditation stuff works from both a science & "hippy" standpoint.  This will help make your practice more meaningful.  

There will be time for questions or to briefly discuss your experience at the end of each session should you wish.