Uplifting & energy boosting, yoga should not be considered a luxury indulgent. Instead something to be prioritized within in your busy life so you can be more awesome!
— Jess


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Are you looking to host a baby shower, pre-wedding, corporate event or other get together with a point of difference???

Book a group yoga class designed especially for your needs.

After class you will be sent on your way more relaxed & open for more meaningful & present connections & conversations. STOKED!!!



WEDNESDAY 7 - 8.15 PM - Yin Yoga

THURSDAY 9.30 - 10.30 AM - Yin Yang Yoga

Wild Heart Barre & Yoga Studio 


Great for all ages & ALL abilities! 

Never practiced yoga before?  Feel stiff, old & rickety, or have muscles that are as tight as winch cables?  No problem.

Jess considers ones flexibility irrelevant to the depths in which they can gain within yoga. She focuses on helping you to achieve a certain function within the different yoga exercises & poses, not a certain look.


Why practice with Jess? 

Jess has been practicing yoga for 11 years.  As Jess has delved deeper into her yoga practice, teaching & studies, she has organically channeled her services into areas that she considers will be the most beneficial for others looking to complement an active & busy life style.  

In this quest she has landed on teaching meditation, Qigong, Yin, Restorative & Sound based yoga.

Each of these disciplines:

  • OOOOOZE with gifts to the body, mind & spirit

  • Are a perfect complement for active & busy lifestyles

  • Support mental & physical digestion + detoxification - helping you assimilate what serves you & eliminate what does not.

  • Increase unity between body, mind & spirit.